Publication History

2019Poetry (forthcoming)

Monsters I Have Been (Alice James Books) ISBN: 9781938584985 [link]

“Ritual against toxic masculinity,” in Arc Poetry Magazine

“Hello stranger” and “Visa,” in Poetry Northwest

“Measures for managing rebirth” in Spiral Magazine (Rubin Museum)


“Notorious rain,” in Gulf Coast 31.1 [link]

“Now I know what it’s like” and interview about frankenstein poetry (frankenpo) in Apogee, January 12, 2018 [link]

“Empire Strikes,” “Letter to Chow Mo-wan,” and “Descending, throttle early, savagely” in Anomaly 26 [link]


“Drowsiness through my kiss” in Discover Nikkei, March 16, 2017 [link]

“Maggie and Tony” and “Megathrusters Are Go!” in Apogee, March 6, 2017 [link]

“Dear I Ching” in The Feminist Wire, January 11, 2017 [link]

Craters: A Field Guide, limited edition chapbook with risographed cover by Tiny Splendor from Goodmorning Menagerie [link]


Map of an Onion, national winner of the 2015 Hillary Gravendyk Poetry Prize from Inlandia Literary

“An Empty Tear Gas Canister Has Regrets” in The Progressive, February 15, 2016

“Search History” in Vinyl, February 3, 2016

“Deconstruction: Onion,” “Letter from Hiroshima x65,” “Despite the War,” and “汝のため/フォー・ユー” in Action, Yes!, issue 19


“Anatomy of a ゴジラ (Gojira)” in The Volta, issue 56, August 2015

“Man Poem” and “Dream Letter to Tule Lake” in TAYO Literary Magazine 5

“Dear Director, Environmental Protection Agency,” “Drone Wars,” and “Letter to Myself as a Newborn II” in American Poetry Review, vol. 44, no. 03

“Deconstruction: Citizenship” in The Rumpus, April 29, 2015

“Each Breath Despite the Air” in Truthdig, April 1, 2015

“Golden” in Codex Journal, Spring 2015

“Migratory Daughter” and “Deconstruction: Capital” in The Pinch 35.1

“Landing,” “How to Survive a Tsunami,” and “Diary of Machine #37661” in The Asian American Literary Review, Issue 2, Vol 5 (Fall/Winter 2014)

“Tree of Heaven” in Los Angeles Review, Issue 16, Winter 2015


“Para que siempre sea el señor, estimado señor” featured in El Hijo del Ahuizote #MexicoNoEstaSolo broadside, December 2014

“So that you are always sir, dear sir” featured as Split This Rock’s poem of the week, November 28, 2014

“How to Be an Orange” in Orangelandia: The Literature of Inland Citrus (2014), Inlandia Imprint

“Ah Kung in the Philippine Jungle, 1945” in The Collagist, issue 59

“To My Future Son” and “Native Language” in Dismantle: An anthology of writing from the VONA/Voices writing workshop, Thread Makes Blanket Press


“After Twelve Hairpins of Jinling,” “Your Father Tongue,” and “Between the Two” in Barrow Street, Fall 2013

“Elegy for Kimani Gray” featured as Split This Rock’s poem of the week, May 3, 2013

“After Tofu Mantra II” in The Baltimore Review, Spring 2013

“Martian Chronicles” in CURA, issue 9

“memoriam” and “nanji no tame / for You” at Ozone Park Journal Winter 2013

“Migration: Like Paul Atreides” at Eye to the Telescope 7


“a history of my complexion” in RHINO Poetry

“Immigration: Slide 78″, “Overdue Notices: 1982-1994″, and “In Orbit Around New York City” in Generations Literary Journal


“11 march 11“ at Kweli Journal

“A Son Writes Back” at Lantern Review


“What we knew (when you left),” “Letter to myself,” and “Gesture” at Oakland Local


“Letter to Myself as a Newborn” at Kartika Review – nominated for the Pushcart Prize

“Memoir of Fenghuang” (prose) in Flick of My Tongue anthology (Kearny Street Workshop / Intersection for the Arts)

Your Left Without Your Shoes poetry chapbook (Finishing Line Press) – nominated for the California Book Award


Code-switchers, Multilinguals, Vampires” at Entropy [link]

“Memory is Solidarity: Ogawa-Grant Plaza as Opportunity” at Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice blog

“To Face Ruin is a Victory” at Emerging Arts Professionals blog

“Art as a Human Right” at Emerging Arts Professionals blog

“Five Views of the Same Poetry: Situating the Self“ at Doveglion Press

“Process Profile: Kenji C. Liu Discusses ‘A Son Writes Back’“ at Lantern Review

“A Week of Asian Pacific Islander Poetry“ at The Best American Poetry blog

“Questioning the Book: APIA Poetry and the Politics of Language” at The Best American Poetry blog

“Top Fivers for the Future – APIA Poetry” at The Best American Poetry blog


“Language Lesson and Surveillance by Ashaki M. Jackson” at The Rumpus, November 23, 2016

“The Taxidermist’s Cut by Rajiv Mohabir” at The Rumpus, April 29, 2016

“Silent Anatomies by Monica Ong” at The Rumpus, September 25, 2015

“Reliquaria by R.A. Villanueva” at The Rumpus, March 14, 2015

“Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows by Eugenia Leigh” at The Rumpus, November 22, 2014

“Souvenir by Aimee Suzara” at The Rumpus, September 17, 2014